California Authorities Warn of the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

Even though most Californians would never dream of getting behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking, many of us don’t hesitate to drive despite being so tired we can barely keep our eyes open.

Recent research indicates that drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as getting behind the wheel while drunk. Every day, throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States, police officers draft reports regarding auto accident attorney where drowsy driving is listed as the key factor behind the incident. The driver was either too tired to respond properly while events unfolded around them, or their weariness made it impossible for them to drive in a responsible manner.

Statistics indicated that approximately 1.2 million accidents are caused each year because of drivers who were sleepy when they hit the road. It’s estimated that 8,000 people are killed each year as a result of these drowsy driving incidents.

Cognitive studies have been performed on people who are drowsy. These studies revealed what most people already suspected, that exhaustion, fatigue, and sleepiness has a serious impact on both alertness and cognitive function. Someone who has not gotten any rest for 17-19 hours has about the same cognitive function and reflexes as a driver who blows a .05 on a breathalyzer. Staying awake for an extra hour brings them even with a person who has a blood alcohol level of .1 percent. Some officers who have observed drowsy driving behavior report that tired drivers make scare them more than many of the drunk drivers they’ve arrested

The good news is that now that the dangers of drowsy driving are becoming more readily known, many California businesses are taking steps to make sure employees aren’t killed or injured while driving tired. It’s becoming increasingly common for a business to contact uber or a make some other arrangements for an employee to get home if that employee put in an extra-long day at the work place.

Law enforcement is working hard to make sure drivers fully understand the risk of driving while drowsy and hope that by promoting the dangers of the act with the same vigor that they promote the hazards of driving while under the influence, they’ll encourage people to take a nap or call cab rather than driving while exhausted.

The thought of people driving while tired in California makes Drew Warren, managing partner of a top personal injury firm with an office headquartered in California, shudder. “I’ve seen horrifying examples of what can happen as the result of drowsy driving. The worst part is that most of the drivers don’t even realize that they’re tired until they’re halfway to their destination and start falling asleep behind the wheel.”

There have been numerous injuries across California linked to drowsy driving accidents. Warren urged victims to take legal actions. “If someone is hurt due to a drowsy driver, they’re just as entitled to a settlement as someone who was hurt in a drunk driving crash.”



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