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* Do you know what a Botnet attack is?

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A Botnet is a network of different infected with malicious software devices, including computers, IoT, telephones, etc. These devices are also called zombies or bots. All of them are under the control of a cybercriminal, also known as a bot herder.

Botnet attack appears when the cybercriminal injects malware into such a network of devices and collectively controls them to create an attack. Botnet attacks are a very popular and extreme threat with massive consequences. Botnets are commonly used as an instrument for these secondary frauds. The cybercrimes with them are on a massive scale and usually are hard to detect.

Some of the most popular Botnet attacks are:

  • DDoS attack
  • Phishing
  • Brute Force attack

Botnet and Botnet attacks should not be neglected! The protection and the prevention measures are essential.

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