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The second, set on a hazy Mediterranean coast, was the most romantic. The third, which sprawled across a gaudy, luscious Australia, was the most exotic. The fourth felt personal, Playground bringing it on home to a wonderfully moody evocation of Britain.

Over time, the games acquired weather, seasons, off-roading, weekly and monthly updates, greater integration with Forza Motosport’s excellent community features – all that good stuff. But the thing that mattered, the soul, was there at the start and has shone undimmed throughout. But, it’s away from the overbearing heat of the track that this simulation game really shines. Not only is F the best of its kind, Codemasters has also recognised the vibrancy of its esports scene and put it to the forefront of it multiplayer offering.


Lifespan score reflects how much gameplay this pc game has in it. A high Lifespan score could represent a short fun game, which can be replayed again and again or it could be a game that takes a long time to complete. Please login to add your score for City Car Driving Lifespan played on the pc. It’s really avoiding other drivers and learning to tell what other drivers are going to do that takes time. I know cars handle differently from each other I was wonder if I bought Forza 2 and a wheel would it help me learn to drive.

I am getting my permit soon and I haven’t really drove a real car. I’d like to get some practice in before I get behind the wheel of a real car. Finally, even if you’re super-duper eager to score that licence, be careful not to jump the gun.

There are tons of useful revision tools out there—both free and to purchase. Again, even though this article is focused on speed, make sure you select a realistic test date that gives you plenty of time to revise the theory test. You’ll notice that I haven’t focused this article on a single game in the Forza Horizon series. Perhaps that’s cheating, but the truth is you can take your pick.

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It might seem to go against your goal to speed up learning to drive, but the key to becoming a qualified driver as soon as possible lies in being realistic, organised and working your butt off. Simply rushing through everything and booking tests at the earliest available date won’t necessarily get you that licence any faster. One of the best pieces of advice we have for any learner is to take the theory test seriously. A small slip-up here can really slow the whole driving process down.

It looks like we may be waiting to hear about the F release date for some time now, so it’s a bless that the most recent version of the series is so good. Real cars, you might have noticed, rarely cartwheel into the verge the moment you dare to mix steering and acceleration inputs. In fact, they’re quite good download software at going round corners – it is almost like an engineer has given the problem some thought during the design process. Performance cars in Project Cars 2, while certainly more liable to bite back, are even better at the whole turning thing. Throw a Ferrari or Lamborghini around the track and you’ll probably spend more time having fun than fretting about the absence of a rewind button in real life.

It’s rare for a series to be so consistent, especially one locked to a biennial schedule. The debut game nailed the formula at the first attempt and was a revelation on Xbox 360, with a beautiful Colorado map.

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