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For a deeper dive on power supply connections, take a look at everything you need to know about power supplies. Once you’ve ruled out the power cord and wall outlet, it’s time to turn your attention to the cabling inside your case. Once you’ve double-checked the connections from your PC to your wall, it’s time to test the PC power cable that plugs into your PSU . Double-check that your PC’s power supply on/off switch is on. “My PC won’t turn on” can mean quite a few different things.

If you still experience the PC reset error, try booting from Windows 10 media then perform Automatic repair from Windows Recovery Environment . If your computer can’t factory reset Windows 10 and you have not created a recovery drive, download the installation media and use it to factory reset Windows 10. If you can’t factory Windows 10 reset Windows 10, you can also recover from a drive so as to reinstall Windows 10. See the boot and power up definition for further information and related links.

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The process can vary depending on the motherboard manufacturer, so consult your motherboard documentation or check online to make sure you have the most recent BIOS version for your system. If you’re not getting a POST code, and you’ve already followed the steps above, then it’s worth making sure that your motherboard’s BIOS is current.

Because of the variety of possible hardware configurations, it isn’t possible to diagnose every possible issue. Instead, we’re covering steps you can take to identify the problem and fix it.

  • If the voltage output is low, the power supply is likely bad and needs to be replaced.
  • If, after following the steps in the sections above, your computer still receives no power, the power supply may have failed.
  • If you don’t want to replace it yourself, we suggest taking the computer to a repair center.
  • You can do so by disconnecting the main power cable and reconnecting it to make sure it has not become loose.
  • If you have a desktop computer and plan on trying to repair it yourself, open the computer and verify the power connections.

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If this process does not work for you, repeat and hold the power button for one minute or longer at step two. When the laptop is powered down, put the battery back in the laptop. If the laptop powers on, shut down the laptop normally. If your laptop uses a docking station, disconnect it and try connecting the power cord directly to the laptop. Although it may seem obvious, if your laptop is running on battery power only, connecting the AC adapter may solve the problem.

Ensure the adapter cord is correctly plugged in on both ends securely. If the laptop works with the adapter plugged in, your battery is dead or defective. Below are troubleshooting steps to help identify what may be preventing your laptop from turning on. We recommend going through each of them for the best results.

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