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Basically, we wouldn’t recommend the budget CPUs for anything more than 1080p medium quality. Somewhat surprisingly, higher clockspeeds and more cores and threads don’t really do much on the Intel chips — beyond a certain point. The Core i5-9600K and Core i9-9900K basically deliver a similar level of performance. There’s a bit more stuttering when you first load into a flight with the 6-core/6-thread chip, but nothing major. The beastly 12-core/24-thread chip is a bit faster, but it never delivered more than a 6% advantage, and then only at 1080p/1440p ultra. If you’re just hoping to cruise through the skies at a sedate 30 fps, which is perfectly acceptable for long transcontinental flights, the RTX 2060 Super and RX 5700 XT will still suffice. Out of more than 20 GPUs from the past several generations that we tested, only half can still break 30 fps.

Off vs. 1024 didn’t really matter too much visually, but gave a 10% boost to performance. Texture Supersampling is another option that only seems to make a very incremental improvement in visuals, and turning it off yielded a 4% increase in fps. The official system requirements list a Core i or Ryzen CPU and a GeForce GTX 770 or Radeon RX 570, and recommend a Core i or Ryzen X and a GTX 970 or RX 590. You’ll also need Windows 10 , and for a change even the Microsoft Store version uses DirectX 11. Finally, 2GB VRAM and 8GB of system RAM are listed as the minimum, with 4GB VRAM and 16GB system RAM recommended.

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The Core i actually crashed several times at the ultra preset, and both budget CPUs took substantially longer to load the game and launch the saved flight. There was a lot of stuttering as well, like when panning the camera around.

And if you want a reasonably-smooth 30 fps minimum framerate, you’re going to need an RTX 2060 or RX 5700 or better — and a powerful CPU, naturally. We included at least one representative from each of the last three generations of GPU hardware from AMD and Nvidia — you should be able to extrapolate results for other GPUs from there. We also ran CPU benchmarks with both the RTX 2080 Ti (we’ll see about doing additional tests with an RX 5700 XT on a few CPUs), to show how much CPU performance matters.

While we’re on the subject of hardware, we also recommend at least 100GB of SSD storage, because load times even from an SSD are lengthy. Memory bandwidth can also play a role, particularly with top-tier components, so you’ll want some good DDR4 memory. If you have an RTX 2070 Super or above but you’re not running at least DDR4-3200, you’re likely giving up some performance. That said, first impressions demonstrate the Radeon Boost works and is easy to set up, but how useful is it? Well, in static scenes like the menu UI, the effect is perhaps a little too offputting and shouldn’t really be present at all – but there is some merit to the effect in the heat of the action. However, I did find the default 50 per cent resolution scaling to be a touch too aggressive – noticeable then, but not wholly distracting. The situation in terms of image quality improves if you increase the resolution scaling to the max 83.3 per cent .

We’ll see how that goes over time, but this is about as close as you can currently get to flying a virtual airplane. We didn’t even have the opportunity to check out the VR support, which should further add to the immersiveness of the sim. 64GB didn’t help, incidentally, as populating our test PCs with two DIMMs per channel results in lower overall memory performance. This is expected, though if you have an X99, X299, X399, or TRX40 platform using quad-channel memory is a different story. Capacity also matters somewhat, mostly at higher resolutions. The 32GB DDR tends to have better minimum fps at 1440p at least.

This is important, especially if you want to be competitive. Cyberpunk 2077 has officially launched worldwide but some players have been struggling with maintaining frame rates while playing on PC. If that’s you, and you want to improve your Night City experience, some helpful souls on Reddit have shared some tips that can help you do just that. Figured best to post this first still pretty in-depth look and the run more tests, rather than keep waiting. I’ve seen lots of people with 16GB complaining about performance tanking, and I suspect it has to do with online data cache. I pulled almost 26GB utilized yesterday while flying around Dubai, which is the most I have ever seen any game use.

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We’re still working on additional testing, so if there’s a specific model you want us to benchmark, let us know in the comments and we’ll try to include it. For our in-depth benchmarks, we tested at 1080p with all four presets, and also ran 1440p and 4K ultra benchmarks. Again, we don’t recommend trying to play at ultra quality if you want 60 fps … because none of our CPUs or GPUs could manage that. The high present is a better option for today’s high-end GPUs, and not surprisingly, JPR estimates Microsoft Flight Simulator will result in $2.6 billion worth of PC upgrades over the next three years. Anyway, we’re pushing PC hardware to the limits in our 1440p and 4K ultra benchmarks, because that’s how we roll. Last, Light Shafts can add some nice image enhancements depending on the time of day , but turning these off was good for another 5% increase in fps. You might expect Terrain Shadows to have a big visual and performance impact, but it’s only the latter.

  • With just one click it will Brother hl l2380dw driver check your entire computer for outdated applications and tell you which ones need updated.
  • You can quit searching for updates manually if you have Avira’s Software Updater program installed.
  • macOS updates improve the stability, performance, and security of your Mac, and they include updates for Safari, iTunes, and other apps that are part of macOS.
  • If you continue with the same problem, make sure to ask for help in the Windows Central forums.
  • Once the update has been applied, you may want to confirm that the latest version was installed correctly using Device Manager.

I’m about to run a few of my own tests and see just how far I can utilize this 32GB RAM. Finding that limit is the whole point of using the fastest GPU available in CPU benchmarks. But don’t really know many people that will be using a 2080Ti at 1080p and low settings. The minimum specs will give you around 25-30fps at sub 1080p lowest. The i5 4th gen can’t even get above 30fps even with a 1080ti. The great thing about this version of Flight Simulator is that thanks to the Bing Maps integration, it can theoretically stay current with the world around you. Some areas might be a few years out of date, but when Bing gets new images for an area, you should be able to see that reflected in the game.

There’s obviously far less of a performance boost, but at that point, the impact to fidelity is much tougher to see in motion. Click "Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software." If Windows finds an update, it will automatically install the driver to the computer. Alternatively, the software can be downloaded and installed from the DisplayLink website following the steps below. Depends on the game and how well optimised it is for specific systems. JC2 was released before the AMD APUs so they may not perform well on them, whereas Dying Light, a newer game may have had optimizations for those specific systems. Driver update, if that fails then it might be possible to apply an overclock to the 750ti to eek out some more performance,. The a10 isn’t that bad, I looked it up and it should be able to hold its own.

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At 4K, however, GPU bottlenecks basically level most of the playing field, with very little difference between the various memory kits — though minimum fps still fluctuates more, especially with only 8GB. Drop down to a 4-core/4-thread Intel chip like the Core i3-9100, or 4-core/8-thread with AMD’s Ryzen G , and things become much worse.