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We discussed my l k for the ultimate fish taco within my travel weblog.

We discussed my l k for the ultimate fish taco within my travel weblog.

Well we never discovered the things I wanted. However it works out the most useful fish taco is the one you make in the home.

I prepared tilapia fillets by rolling them gently in flour, then dipping them in an egg combination and finally covering them generously with Panko bread crumbs. I fried them in a light canola oil before adding to corn that is crisp shells on a sleep of Romaine lettuce. I added salsa and cabbage that is shredded. I also made a spicy guacamole dip from scratch. Needless to say dinner like this must include a yummy Jose Cuervo grapefruit tangerine Margarita! The meal that is perfect. My critic that is toughest, my child Emily offered it a two thumbs up. Additionally, let me offer credit to Emily for professionally salting the rim of my Margarita glass.

Therefore perhaps I’m not exactly done with my blog after all. Whether it’s travel, camping, hiking, c king or whatever, we may just have more to say. Until my next post. Delighted Trails!

June 7th had been my night that is final of. I’d campsite that is new. All in RVs and apparently speaking in foreign languages. Not particularly friendly. Therefore again a night that is lonely.

I kinda desire the snorer stayed another as the critter activity was a bit t close to my tent again night. (more…)