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Is Catholics Entitled To COVID Vaccine Spiritual Exemptions?

Is Catholics Entitled To COVID Vaccine Spiritual Exemptions?

Steve, a Catholic spouse and dad, may be the sole breadwinner for his group. His wife continues to be in the home to care for their particular four girls and boys as he operates in deals for big organization. Not too long ago, his organization established it’ll be requiring all workforce to get the COVID-19 vaccination by October 1 or they are let it go. Steve, but does not need have the shot because of the vaccine’s relationship with abortion.

Steve checks with HR and finds that the team is actually enabling a spiritual exemption, provided a religious chief indications a letter affirming the exemption. Steve ways his pastor and asks him to write these types of a letter. The pastor hesitates, but uncertain if exemption is actually genuine. Haven’t the pope mentioned we must all get the chance?

The situation over is certainly not a hypothetical one.

Across the nation, companies, institutes, and shopping companies are calling for staff, youngsters, and also visitors as vaccinated.

This poses problems for United states Catholics. Every COVID-19 vaccine available today here enjoys an association to abortion. (more…)