Brain Injury Attorney Wins Football Related Case


The family of former high school football player at Belt High School in Belt Montana, is seeking legal restitution for a brain injury he suffered in a football game. While playing one evening in a regular game, high school player Robert Back exhibited the classic symptoms of concussion. He was experiencing nausea and severe headaches that would not abate. Since these issues often happen in high school football games, the coach dismissed the sickness and required that Back play again despite his current state of health.

It turned out that Back had suffered a concussion, a severe form of head and brain injury, during the game. When a person has suffered a concussion, it is necessary that they rest for a period and receive the correct amount of hydration and medicine so that there brain has a chance to recover from the injury. It is also vitally important that the injured person does not expose their brain to any more risk. Further blows to the head can damage the already fragile brain to a point at which it cannot recover.

Recent research suggests that scientists are currently working on new ways to treat concussion and brain injury. They have found through their research that when the hormone progesterone is given immediately after a head injury, the inflammation that causes the brain damage is severely reduced. Progesterone is commonly known as the female pregnancy hormone (it protects the baby’s health in the womb). However, it less commonly know is that it can aid the treatment at the onset of a head injury. If this information were more widely available in John Bales, brain injuries could be become a less common occurrence in the world of sport’s injuries.

Fortunately, brain damage has become a bigger topic in the news recently, especially in regards to high school football and lacrosse games. These sports pose a great risk to the health of the players because of the violence involved in the game play. It is a tragedy that this type of “keep playing,” attitude is still so prevalent, and it is terrible that so many people have received brain injuries that they cannot recover from. However, it is good that the issue is become more widespread.  Moreover, people need to know about the dangers of concussions, so that they can prevent them in the future. People should seek the help of an attorney concerning the financial restitution they are entitled to receive, which can be a large asset in the numerous medical bills, as well as the heartache suffered by the family.

In Back’s case, his family chose to contact a brain injury John Bales Attorneys,  because they rightly believed that the head coach made several lapses in judgment pertaining to the well-being of their son. The management of a minor, in a sports game, is a serious responsibility and the law holds these individuals to very high standards.

Brain injury attorneys are well aware of the dangers of concussions, as well as the dangers associated with severe blows to the head. Since these types of cases are the most common types of brain injury, a brain injury attorney will be well aware of legal details involved in cases involving high-impact sports. If your child has suffered a brain injury, because of the negligence of a sport’s coach, contact a brain injury attorney today.



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