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Avast Internet Security uses DNS technology to make sure that you only land on legitimate webpages instead of getting lured into fake ones. The fake websites that look like the legitimate ones are created to collect users’ personal information like logins and passwords and then using it for harmful purposes.

Although Bitdefender’s services are not free, they often offer discounts for its users so you can receive the best internet security at a reasonable price. Read our comprehensive review of the best internet security companies and their products. Furthermore, some Anti-Malware products have real-time protection as well just like anti-virus products protecting any incoming threat from entering your computer at all times.

Because most email gateway appliances only scan for known bad domains or the presence of malware, “please hand me the cash”-type social engineeringphishing attacksnormally breeze through security. GreatHorn was designed to close that security gap, as well as lock down the rest of the mail stream. The software as a service product exists inside the cloud and works particularly well with Microsoft Azure, where it can run in tandem with a corporate mail server for Office 365 users.

Calling the Barracuda WAF a firewall is seriously selling it short. It’s more like the core of an independent bastion of cybersecurity, able to inspect both inbound and outgoing traffic. The WAF functions like a reverse proxy and is placed at the front of the data pathway. It intercepts all traffic, inspecting it for attacks and blocking them before they make it to any servers.

In fact, it only allows traffic through that conforms to security policies, and that includes both incoming and outbound flows. We wanted to dive into the newest cybersecurity products and services from those hot categories that Gartner identified, reviewing some of the most innovative and useful from each group. Our goal is to discover how cutting-edge cybersecurity software fares against the latest threats, hopefully helping you to make good technology purchasing decisions.

Another key feature that is considered to be extremely treasured is safe money tools that keep your digital transactions safe at all costs. Not to mention that it provides unlimited user licenses and works on all computers and mobile devices.

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Avast also offers webcam monitoring and protection, although these features do cost an extra buck. While talking about its features, it is very important to notice that it includes an Internet Security program, a VPN, constant updates, and many other browser security measures. One of the major problems that people face these days is that everyone is scared to leave the webcams opened since someone could be watching on the other side. AVG solves the problem by enabling webcam monitoring and preventing such paranoic thoughts.

Protect against viruses & other types of malware with Avast Mobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus app for Android. The security of open source software versus closed source software products is a highly emotive topic, with proponents on both sides vigorously arguing their viewpoint.

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